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Wahl Undercoat Rake Grooming Comb
Product Features
- High quality dog grooming equipment
- Razor-like design
- Easy to use
Product Description
Wahl brings a stylish tool to add to the dog grooming kit of your double-coated friend (German Shepard, Tibetan Terrier, Saint Bernard, etc). The US-made high-quality rake would help you clear out the dead undercoat, sort out tangles and remove debris from the thick coat of your dog. At the time of molting, this brush would be of great assistance. It is a sturdy product and comes with a well-designed handle. The grooves built on the rubber grip promote a comfortable yet solid hold. Brushing the coat regularly promotes hygiene and helps distribute the natural oils which are secreted by skin, enhancing the luster of the coat.

Wahl Undercoat Rake Grooming Comb

SKU: KDC-WAHL-858457-024
₹425.00 Regular Price
₹382.50Sale Price
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