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 Economic food for guinea pigs enriched by pellets with meadow hay, vegetables and fruits provides a high proportion of fiber in diet of this herbivorous rodents. For proper nutrition in the mix include wholesome pellets that provide all the necessary ingredients in the daily diet. The presence of vegetables like carrots, beets and parsnips provide complete nutrition. Carotene contained in carrots protect the body against harmful free radicals and positive effect on the animal's sight. Pasternak lowers blood pressure, prevents kidney stones and gallstones. It contains valuable vitamins C and B and minerals. For a balanced nutrition and the presence of Vitamin C in the compound consists of currant fruit and parsley. Branches of linden tree care to guinea pig incisors underwent regular abrasion. Bean flakes are an important and valuable source of digestible protein that is essential for normal growth of animals.

Vitapol Economic Food For Guinea Pig 1.2Kg

₹484.00 Regular Price
₹450.12Sale Price
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