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TEMPTATIONS Savoury Salmon 85g
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Temptations Cat Treats - Savoury Salmon Flavour
Just one shake of the pack and your cat will come running for these irresistable tasty treats!
A tried and true pantry essential for any self respecting cat parent, Temptations Cat Treats come in a variety of flavours to suit even the fussiest felines. Their irresistably crunchy outer layer and heavenly soft inner centre make these cat treats the ultimate temptation and reward. Perfect for guilt free treating and cats who are watching their weight, each treat is less than 2 calories and is complete and balanced to ensure your cat is getting all the nutrition they need.
Savoury Salmon flavoured treats for cats
Crunchy outside with a tasty soft centre
Complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats
Less than 2 calories per treat
High in Protein

Temptations Savoury Salmon Cat Treats 85gms

PriceFrom ₹142.50
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