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Savavet Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Medium Dogs With 10 To 20 Kg Body Weight
 Protecting our pets from various parasites is one of the basics of pet hygiene. This not only ensures their wellbeing but also protects the family members.But it is important that the owners take care of various aspects while choosing a product; most importantly their age.Dog are taken for walk  and  free to run in field or street are more suspectable  to these parasites.
Fiprofort Plus Spot – 1.34 ml for dogs is an effective control and protection against fleas and tick in dogs over 10 weeks of age or between 10-20 Kgs of weight. It is very convenient to apply on dogs and provides protection for upto 6 months against fleas and upto 3 months against ticks (depending on the environmental conditions)
    Suitable for medium sized breeds or pups over 10 weeks of age
    Packed in pipettes for easy and accurate application
    Kills parasites at all stages
    Controls and treats flea allergy dermatitis
    Prevents re-infestation
    Fast acting and lasting effect
Each pipette contains:
    Fipronil: 9.7% w/w
    Excipients: q.s.
Quantity: 1.34 ml

Savavet Fiprofort Plus Spot On For Medium Dogs (10-20kg)

₹350.00 Regular Price
₹315.00Sale Price
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