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Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Veterinary Dry Dog Food - Urinary S/O 2Kr
URINARY S/O is a complete dietetic feed for dogs formulated to dissolve struvite stones and reduce their recurrence through its urine acidifying properties, a low level of magnesium and a restricted level of protein, but of high quality.
Indications :
- Bacterial cystitis
- Dissolution of struvite uroliths
- Struvite and calcium oxalate urolithiasis
- Pregnancy
- Lactation
- Growth
- Chronic renal failure
- metabolic acidosis
- Heart failure
- Pancreatitis
- Hyperlipidaemia
- Treatment with urine acidifying drugs
Helps dissolve all types of struvite stones.
Urine dilution makes the urine less liable to form struvite and calcium oxalate stones.
Helps lower the concentration of ions contributing to crystal formation.
COMPOSITION: meat and animal derivatives (chicken), cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts (maize gluten), minerals, various sugars. ADDITIVES (per kg): Nutritional additives: Vitamin D3: 190 IU, E1 (Iron): 11 mg, E2 (Iodine): 0.33 mg, E4 (Copper): 2 mg, E5 (Manganese): 3.5 mg, E6 (Zinc): 33 mg - Technological additives: Cassia gum: 2.5 g. ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Protein: 6% - Fat content: 8% - Crude ash: 1.5% - Crude fibres: 1.5% - Moisture: 72% - Calcium: 0.24% - Phosphorus: 0.25% - Sodium: 0.15% - Magnesium: 0.02% - Potassium: 0.24% - Chloride: 0.2% - Sulphur: 0.15% - Urine acidifying substances: calcium sulphate (0.1%), DL-methionine.

Royal Canin Urinary S/O Dog Dry Food 2Kg

₹2,330.00 Regular Price
₹2,166.90Sale Price
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