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Royal Canin Puppy X-Small, Dog Dry Food 500gr 
Dry food indicated for puppies of very small breed, up to 4kg. It should be available up to 10 months of age . 
Benefits of Food 
Health Benefits of Intestinal Transit:
A good balance in fiber intake (including Psyllium) helps to facilitate intestinal transit and contributes to good stool quality thanks to high digestibility proteins.
High palatability & very small croquette:
The reduced size of the croquette has been developed to perfectly fit the miniature jaw of dogs weighing less than 4kg. Its unique formula helps to stimulate the whimsical appetite of dogs of very small breeds.  
Immune System Support: 
This step is a time of great changes in your dog's growth, the immune system develops gradually. This food supports the natural defenses of your dog thanks to the patented antioxidant complex * 
including vitamin E * France, Patent No. EP1146870.
Intensive Energy Content: It
satisfies the demanding appetite of your dog in the period of growth in response to the energy needs of it

Royal Canin Puppy X-Small Dry Food

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