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Royal Canin Persian Wet Food for Cats 85gr
Royal Canin Persian wet food for cats is a complete and balanced food suitable from 12 months of age. Its special formula is characterized by taking care of the long coat of the Persian cats and the digestive and urinary system. This recipe from Royal Canin covers the nutritional needs of the breed so that it enjoys optimal health and an unbeatable physical condition.
Royal Canin Persian wet food has a delicious pat� adapted texture composed of an irresistible mix of meat and fish. Its flavor and texture satisfies the palates of the most demanding cats with food. Your Persian cat will be delighted with this juicy recipe made especially for him. The exclusive combination of nutrients from Royal Canin helps to maintain the health of the skin and long hair so that it looks as ever. The composition also favors digestive and urinary health, improving digestion and avoiding the risk of developing stones.
    Wet food for Persian cats.
    Irresistible pat� texture.
    Takes care of the skin and hair.
    It promotes digestive health and the urinary system.
    Highly palatable.

Royal Canin Persian Wet Food for Cats 85gm

PriceFrom ₹103.50
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