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Pet Food Comparison (N&D vs Royal Canin)

Updated: May 21

Farmina N&D vs. Royal Canin: A Comparative Guide for Pet Owners: By Your Pet Buddy!

When it comes to pet food, choosing the right brand for your small dog can be a challenge. Farmina N&D and Royal Canin, both reputable names in pet nutrition, offer products at similar price points. To provide a clear comparison, we'll evaluate these brands based on their small dog breed offerings of similar pack sizes. The insights gained can also be applied to other breed sizes and cat food options from both brands.

Royal Canin Mini Adult Dry Dog Food
Royal Canin Mini Adult Dry Dog Food
N&D Ancestral Grain Adult Mini Dog Food
N&D Ancestral Grain Adult Mini Dog Food

Comparison Table

Item Name

N&D Adult Mini Ancestral Grain with Chicken & Pomegranate

Royal Canin Mini Adult

Pack Size

2.5 kg

2 kg

Price (as of May 2024)

2250 Rs (900 Rs/Kg)

2000 Rs (1000 Rs/Kg)

Protein Percentage



Fat Percentage



Grains Used

Whole Spelt & Oats

Maize & Maize Flour

Artificial Preservatives



Omega 3 & 6 Included



Overall Comparison: N&D Leads

Key Highlights:
  • Protein Source: N&D uses 90% animal-origin protein, while Royal Canin includes vegetable protein isolate without disclosing the exact percentage.

  • Grains: N&D incorporates Whole Spelt and Oats, which are healthier options compared to the Maize and Maize Flour used by Royal Canin. Additionally, N&D offers grain-free options such as the N&D Pumpkin series, which, despite being pricier, remain competitive with Royal Canin in terms of cost per kilogram.

  • Omega Fatty Acids: N&D includes Omega 3 & 6 from herring oil, enhancing the nutritional value.

  • Preservatives: N&D uses natural preservatives (mixed tocopherols, a form of Vitamin E), whereas Royal Canin uses artificial preservatives.

  • Palatability: Royal Canin tends to have higher palatability based on our experience, though N&D still offers superior value and nutritional benefits, even in its basic range.

In conclusion, while both brands have their merits, in comparison of N&D vs Royal Canin, N&D stands out for its better overall nutritional profile and use of natural ingredients. This makes it a more favorable choice for pet owners seeking optimal health benefits for their pets.

Products used in Comparison:

N&D Adult Mini Ancestral Grain Chicken & Pomegranate Dry Food:


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