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Petstages ORKA Tire Chew Toy
Flexible N Strong Tire Toy
Petstages ORKA Tire is a tough toy that's made for your strong pet. This tire shaped toy has solid one piece construction that gives it strength even against the tough chewers. It's great for both indoor and outdoor play as it bounces well and floats too.
Petstages ORKA Tire
Solid one piece construction
Buoyant and bouncy
Has textured surface that adds interest
Helps exercise dog's jaw
Petstages ORKA Tire's thick and durable walls can also be used to stuff some treats for your dog's surprise. It can be used to throw, retrieve and toss.
A Closer Look: Petstages ORKA Tire is a gentle toy that also promotes dental health. The textures on this tire massage gums of your dog and helps exercise jaw muscles at the same time.
Made Specially for: Dogs of all ages

Petstages Orka Tire Chew Toy

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