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Pet Wet wipes 70Count
These amazing wipes are thick, soft, strong and big. Fragrance-free with all natural ingredients; Pet Wipes will clean your dog, cat, and other small animals safely and naturally. Pet Wipes are strong enough for paws and gentle enough to use around eyes, cut'\s and ears and safe to use on your hands without leaving a sticky feeling.  Use Pet Wipes to: remove dirt from your pet's coat and paws after walks and before entering the house, use on pets that are difficult to bathe, safely and gently clean the face, ears and minor scrapes, control dander and loose hair, keep pets clean and fresh between baths. Natural Biodegradable Pet Wipes contain natural moisturizers which soften the pet's coat, leaving it healthy and shiny. Pet Wipes can also aid in minimizing hairballs in cats, picking up loose hair before they can be ingested. Safe for People - Pets - Planet. Contains 70 wipes per package.

Pet Wet Wipes 70pcs

₹375.00 Regular Price
₹337.50Sale Price
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