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Petlover Neem Shampoo 200ml
Dogs are more prone to after shampoo dryness than humans as dogs do not sweat and the shampoo is used on the entire body, this shampoo is so gentle that it does not even irritate the eyes so you can wash the head and face as well.
    Neem + Lemon Grass + Shikakai
    Natural insect repellent
    Mild skin care solution 
    Anti Dandruff
    Controls Body Odor
    Provides Fur Conditioning
Absolutely safe to use on your beloved pooch and cleans with gentle care
Directions for use: Wet coat with warm water, pour shampoo along your pet's back, massage for lather, add more if needed. Rinse until the water is absolutely clean, pat dry and brush for optimal results.

Pet Lovers Neem Shampoo

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