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KONG Satellite Treat Dispenser Toy For Dog
The KONG Satellite treat dispenser toy is made for both the discerning pets as well as for the gluttons. Dry dog food is filled in the food dispensing satellite shaped toy. When your pet plays with this treats will come out of the toy. This innovative toy will help your dog to eat food slowly and also facilitate eating in some moody pets.
This dispenser toy is perfect for all your medium and large breed dogs.  They help in both mental and physical stimulation of your pet. The bright colored toy is shaped like a satellite, which spins, tilts and tumbles. This makes this KONG toy fun. Satellite toy is also useful for some pets, who gulp their food fast and can at times be left gasping for air. The toy will help to slow down the consumption of food.
Help in physical and mental stimulation
Facilitate eating in your pet
Slows down the consumption of food
Fun toy for all your pets

Kong Satellite Treat Dispenser Toy For Dog

SKU: PSG-03406
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