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Gnawlers V Lucky Bone 270Gm


?Ingredients??Wheat powder?Hydrolyzed protein?Potatoes starch?Glycerin?Calcium Citrate?Yeast Nucleotides?Spirulina starch?Beta-Carotene?Taurine?Natural coloring?Prebiotics?Vitamins Mix?Compound minerals?Flax Seed Oil?Rosemary?Plant Essential oils

?Analysis??Crude protein 25%?Crude fat 2%?Crude fiber 2.5%?Moisture 11.5% ?Ash 1.3%

?Feature??1.Yeast nucleotide: Keep healthy skin and shiny coat,improve palatability and digestion accelerate cell synthesis, and promote immunity 2.Natural plant oils: Comprehensively improve puppy`s health cell,boost immune system organs 3.Substantially increase the number of immune cell, boost immune sysytem and disease resistance

?Feeding instruction??1. Fit for all breeds 2. Freeding based on dog`s age, chewing stregth,size and weight 3. Fresh water should be always at hands 4. Small color aberration wiill not affect normal feeding

?Storage??Please store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Gnawlers V Lucky Bone 270gm

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