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Calcium Dog Bone Adult (Pack Of 12 Little Bones)

Phoenix calcium milk bone is scientifically engineered and with all food grade of raw materials with no artificial flavors or colors.It contains reasonable level of Calcium that can balance micrielement assimilated by dog,sufficient cellulose and yucca that can promote dog's digestive system and freshen breath and clean teeth.The product features edible and highly digestible that your dogs love.Do enjoy your dogs with this bone.


Contains reasonable level of calcium

No artificial flavors or colors added

Freshen breath and clean teeth

Highly digestible


Milk powder

Sodium caseinate

Calcium carbonate

Cereal cellulose


MO Natural flavor

Rosemary extraction


Weight Feed

XS dog (5kg) 1-3 pes per day

S dog (5-10kg) 2-4 pes per day

M dog (10-20kg) 3-5 pes per day

L dog (20-40kg) try "3 & 4" calcium bones


Store in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Gnawlers Calcium Bones

PriceFrom ₹337.50
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