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Cats Best Cat Litter 5 Ltr
    Super economical : up to 700% liquid intake
    Base content may remaain 4-6 weeks in the coat  toilet
    Cosiderable less waste quantity
    Waste clumps to be disposed through the normal domestic toilet
    100% natural organic fibre
    Save money and at the same time protect the environment
    Clean cat toilet or cage thoroughlt
    Fill the toilet or cage to depth of about 5 cm with Cat's Best Oko Plus
    Be sure to remove the clumps and solid excrement daily
    This waste should be disposed of in the household waste
    Only replace Cat's Best Oko Plus where clumps have been removed
    Please use bio-waste containers or compost to dispose of remaining litter when necessory and checks local regulations for disposal requirements
Pack - 5 Ltr

Cats Best Cat Litter Wooden Pellets

PriceFrom ₹738.00
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