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Cat Exclusive-Cat Litter 10Kg
Innovative, hygienic and simple to use, Intersands' Cat Litter - Exclusive is a highly absorbent, dust free, quick-clumping formula that lets you easily scoop out the source of odours to keep your cat's litter box fresh at all times. This 10 kilogram pack is baby powder scented in order to emit a subtle masking odour. This superior quality litter meets all your needs in terms of cleanliness! With an absorption level of 350%, your feline friend is bound to enjoy a healthy environment. After all, a healthy kitty is a happy kitty! 
Contains Sodium Bentonite sand with baby powder scent
Dust free level 98%       
Absorption level 350%

Cat Exclusive Cat Litter 10Kg

₹1,375.00 Regular Price
₹1,237.50Sale Price
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