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Vet Life Renal (Kideny) Dry Cat Food supports renal function in case of chronic or acute failure due to low phosphorus level and limited level of high quality protein.

Characteristic: Low content SC white wit piece : Low protein content reduces the retention of nitrogen catabolites. It helps control hypertension. Low content SC sodium and phosphorus : The reduction desired it contains SC sodium if osforu . L - carnitine: L-carnitine increases tolerance to physical exertion Omega-3: Omega Fatty Acids - 3 improve glomerular filtration and renal fibrosis counteract. Kidney Perfusion: Flavonoids reduce oxidative stress and support kidney perfusion. Composition: Ry f, gluten , corn , dried chicken meat, t wit seals animals ? months , dried pe L ne eggs , hydrolyzed white wit each animal ? which , chloride , potassium , m � meal fish , oil, fish , in ? carbonate calcium , oil ro COG vegetative , inulin ,fructooligosaccharides , mannanooligosacharydy , chloride , sodium , glucosamine (500 mg / kg ). � r � d wit a white wit ka : gluten, corn , m � meal of chicken , hydrolysed white wit each fish and chicken , fish , eggs . Substances alkalizing � ce urine :potassium citrate (3 g / kg ).

Vet Life Renal (Kidney) - Dry Cat Food � 2Kg

₹2,420.00 Regular Price
₹2,178.00Sale Price
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