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Farmina Vet Life Canine Formula Cardiac is a complete prescription diet having adjusted levels of chlorine, potassium and sodium ratio for offsetting the imbalance of electrolytes due to cardiomyopathy or the pharmacological treatment. The food has an adequate amount of Taurine for regulating the usefulness of the myocardium and also for controlling the cellular ionic exchange. The diet is easily digestible and has a higher energy density for helping the canine in achieving ideal body weight. Farmina Vet Life Canine Formula Cardiac contains L-Carnitine for promoting Lipid metabolism and to expend energy. Essential vitamins and minerals in the food help to improve the appetite of the canine and speeds up the healing process. During the initial phase of the pathology, it is viable to adjust the portion for encouraging the decrease of body weight while in the later stage the high biological value of the protein and the easy to digest diet help prevent cardiac cachexy.

BENEFITS OF FARMINA VET LIFE CARDIAC: Supports good cardiac function. Controlled Cl/K/Na for compensating the imbalance of electrolytes. L-Carnitine helps in metabolising excess fat deposits into energy. Assist in reaching an optimal weight. Taurine is an integral element for keeping the heart healthy and to maintain good eyesight. Natural anti-oxidant levels for boosting overall immunity.

Vet Life Cardiac � Dry Dog Food � 2kg

₹2,420.00 Regular Price
₹2,178.00Sale Price
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