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Royal Canin Dog Food Baby Dog Milk (400g) 
The Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk for puppies is the perfect milk replacer for your pet. It contains ultra digestible proteins that do not harm the digestive functions of your puppy. This provides your pup a smooth transition from the mother's milk. The feed dissolves instantly and does not leave behind any sediment.
The Baby Dog Milk has the perfect lactose content that is almost similar to the maternal milk for the pet. This feed does not contain starch, which helps your puppy as they are not able to digest starch easily. The formula gets dissolved completely in lukewarm water and creates a homogenous formula that can be easily fed to your puppy. It also has DHA which helps in the development of your brain that further helps in the development of its various cognitive functions.
    Digestible protein for your puppy
    Close to the mother milk in taste and nutrients
    Contains DHA for brain development
    Helps in development of cognitive functions
    Life-stage - Weaning (since birth to Two month)
    Breed - All breed
    Quantity (Weight) - 400 gms

Royal Canin Dog Food Baby Dog Milk 400gm

SKU: RC-2300004
₹2,000.00 Regular Price
₹1,800.00Sale Price
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