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Puppy Training Pads 100 Pads Large Simple Solution 
OUT! Moisture Lock Training Pads, 100-count:
    Moisture Lock Protection against leaking and run-off
    Rapid Drying Top Sheet minimizes odors and prevents tracking
    Moisture Lock technology's super-absorbent polymers make pads 50% more absorbent
    Rapid-drying top sheet helps absorb moisture to reduce unsanitary tracking
    Powerful attractant draws your pet directly to the pad
    Anti-microbial odor neutralizers keep your home smelling fresh
    40 times more absorbent than newspapers
    Also effective for ailing pets, lining crates or carriers, muddy or wet paws
    Useful for travel and under litter boxes, as well
    For safety, keep this bag away from children and pets
    Pet pad size: 21 1/2" x 23 1/2"
    Pack count: 100 pet pads

Puppy Training Pads - Large - 100 Pads

SKU: KDC-ABK-91605
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₹3,375.00Sale Price
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