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Pedigree Dry Dog Mother&Pup Professional - 1.2 Kg
The Pedigree Dog Food Puppy Starter and Weaning Professional in 1.2kg has been developed to assist your puppy to make the smooth transition from its mother's milk to solid food. This product is nutritionally enriched to facilitate growth in your puppies. The professional starter has been administered and can be given in right from 35 days to the first two months of puppy's life.
 The Pedigree Starter and weaning in professional range in the 1.2kg pack has been fortified with all nutrition that is present in a mother's milk and helps to promote the digestive system of your pet. This provides a boost to your puppy's natural immunity to ward off diseases. This food will help your puppy to make the smooth transition from the mother's milk to solid food. This is a complete food and does not need to be supplemented with any other food. It can be used with water and fed like a porridge. This contains traces of liver which increases the palatability of the food.
    Can be started as early as 35days
    Helps in transition from mother's milk to solid food
    Boosts the immunity of your pet
    Complete food in itself
    Liver increases palatability of food

Pedigree Dry Dog Food Mother & Pup Professional

PriceFrom ₹552.00
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